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July 24. Weather: Sunny

Today my teacher gave us a report cards.

I got all A. Other children got B,

C and D.

Daddy praised me, and he said he’ll get

me a new watch.

I was very happy.

July 25. Weather: Sunny

Today there was an asphalt road

in front of my house.

It was amazing to see the car

asphalting the street.

Wish she’d come.


There are four people in the picture that is hanged on the wall.

They seem like a family.

During taking this picture, probably somebody was thinking of the symbolic meaning of the family picture and the idealistic happy family, while the other was hoping that time passes as quickly as possible. My existence to you and yours to me is taken for granted. Because of our firm belief that we think we know each other, we will collapse.

Places captured in the album are keep recombined in the memory.

Today’s soup is too salty for me and too bland for you.

text by Shinhoo Lee

4am in the morning, through the window, you can see that darkness is fading away, but your family is going deeper to a dream. Father’s sleep talk is scattered with the voice of an announcer from the television. Only the shadow is wandering around the house while everything else in the house is sleeping. Now you walk with shadows with bated breath.

There is still mother’s lullaby cycling over the bedroom. Soon, the sun will rise. There must be national anthem from the radio and people will stretch their body for waking up their sleeping bodies.


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